Who are we?

Our company specializes in creating cost-effective training for in-house solutions that prepare your officers for a wide variety of real-life situations for the budget-conscious agency.

iMarksman® challenges your officers through a variety of commonly encountered scenarios derived from real-life situations.

Build skills in de-escalation, judgement, communication, officer presence, and use of force through an expansive library of simulated encounters.

The iMarksman® Use of Force Simulator gives law enforcement agencies and trainers an edge in effective use of force training.

  • Extremely Portable

    Setup and teardown the entire system in less than 10 minutes.

  • Cost-Effective

    Save money while not compromising on training quality.

  • User Friendly

    Easy to install and operate. Windows 7/8/10 required.

What modes are included?

iMarksman® Use of Force System helps improve trainees’ decision-making skills and accuracy.
Because decision-making skills are the essential skills for the officers, we designed various modes with different editable scenarios creating an effective interactive environment that allows training skills without any limits.



You can use your image or image from the internet. Copy the pictures (parking lot, shopping center, school, gas station, office, front yard, etc.) and upload them into the iMarksman® background folder.


Simple Video Mode:

Video Mode allows converting a regular video into a video scenario without editing. The video will stop after the first shot is taken and will show the pattern of the following shots.

Drag and drop the video into a folder, and you're ready to go!

You can also take videos from a dashcam in a patrol car and use it as a video scenario.


Random Mode:

Random Mode allows you to select backgrounds and a set of targets. These targets will appear in random positions, sizes, and durations. You can always review the shot history to see placement, the timing between the shots, and gun movement during the session.


Manual Mode:

With Manual Mode, you will select backgrounds and a set of targets. The firearm instructor will control the target’s position and duration. You will review the history of shots, see shot placement, the timing between the shots, and gun movement during the training session.


Script Mode:

Script Mode allows you to select backgrounds and a set of plain or live targets. The instructor will be able to make these targets “move” towards or away from you, and the live targets will “talk to you”(able to assign voice files to a particular target). Each target has a "hitting area", which can be programmed to take a specific number of shots before the target goes down. You can program the number of shots for the trainee as well.

More than 120 shoot-don’t shoot targets. You can choose, set up, and control any target for each Mode. The default library contains more than 150 different targets for all types of practice.


Enhanced Video Mode:

Allows the user to use video-based scenarios that can have multiple outcome possibilities.
With The ENHANCEMENT MODE, the videos can branch to different outcomes depending on how the trainee responds to the situation.
The Enhanced Mode comes with 80+ pre-loaded scenarios. The history will store and show all the "shots" for the user's review.
The additional software will allow you to create unique scenarios or download and edit videos from the internet.


LIVE Mode:

iMarksman® LiVE is changing the Landscape of Simulated Training by developing a new method of communication between the trainer-instructor and the trainee. How it works is simple: trainees begin by standing in front of the simulator. Once ready, the instructor will appear on the projection screen acting as the "bad" or "good" guy - LIVE Communications, LIVE Scenarios, and LIVE Responses.

Depending on how well the officer utilizes non-escalation and de-escalation tactics, the instructor can choose the different actions. If the trainee fired the simulator gun, the system will record the shot placement and split time.



The Practical Shooting Mode will allow you to build your own shooting stages with paper and steel targets.



The iDryfire®Target System is for Qualification or other paper Targets. It will help to practice building fundamentals: Stance, Grip, Sight, Trigger control.


The package also includes + Training and installation on the side + Premium 1-year support.

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    Feedback iVest®

    Our iVest has 8 active contact points distributed across the front and back of the device, enabling a diverse range of complex pressure based effects such as ballistic impacts, contact, rumbling, and G forces.

    Training Handgun (Glock Sim)

    Training Handgun that has the look and feel of a Glock 17/22

    Training Handgun (Glock Sim)

    Training Handgun that has the look and feel of a Glock 17/22

    AR15 Laser Bolt

    Utilize your existing AR-15 platform with the SIRT-AR Bolt or similar for high volume, sustainable diagnostic training.  The Trigger Reset AR-Bolt turns your AR into an auto-resetting trigger.  Every time you pull the trigger, the laser shoots down your barrel.

    iDryfire Laser Cartridge

    Available in most calibers, the iDryfire Laser Insert can be used to easily visualize where shots are placed.

    Shotgun Adapter

    Add this adapter to turn service weapons into a safe, effective training tool